FINNOVATION Fellowship Program

The FINNOVATION Fellowship is a nine-month (September – June) program that supports early-stage social entrepreneurs who have bold ideas for sustainable, systems-level change. Funded by the Bush Foundation, the goal of this program is to build leadership capacity, develop entrepreneurial skills, and ultimately create a sustainable social enterprise ecosystem here in Minnesota and beyond.

Learn about our 2019-2020 cohort here!
Applications for our 2020-2021 cohort open in April, 2020.

Fellowship FAQ

We’re looking for leaders who:

  • Are passionate about leveraging an entrepreneurial idea to make a big social or environmental impact
  • Are eager to develop innovative business models to solve problems in new ways
  • Have a deep understanding of the problem they are addressing
  • Are committed to working on their venture full-time
  • Want to grow their potential as a leader
  • Want a supportive environment and tailored curriculum to launch their enterprise

Applicants to the FINNOVATION Fellowship are individuals who have identified a particular social problem that they feel passionate about addressing and have developed (at the very least) a hypothesis (or “idea”) for a potential enterprise.

Enterprise ideas can be for-profit companies, or they can be non-profit organizations that have an earned revenue component. Social impact may be in education, health, environment, hunger, poverty-alleviation, or elsewhere, as long as you can make a case for that is it a “force for good.”

Ideal FINN Fellows are AUDACIOUS enough to think they can solve an intractable problem but HUMBLE enough to listen to feedback and test their idea, WILLING TO FAIL in order to learn but RESILIENT enough to try again.

Want more information? Check out our FAQ.

Learn about our inaugural 2018-2019 cohort here.