2018-2019 Cohort

Junita Flowers, Junita’s Jar

Junita’s cookie company, Junita’s Jar, sells deliciously wholesome, convenient cookie snack packs and frozen cookie dough while spreading a message of hope and supporting organizations and initiatives addressing domestic violence.
Junita is also passionate about sharing her story through speaking engagements, empowering women to lead their best lives and encouraging conversations around domestic violence and healthy relationships.

Michelle Tran Maryns, We Sparkle

Michelle Tran Maryns is Founder & CEO of We Sparkle, a social enterprise that makes it easy for small businesses, like hair salons, to care for both their customers and communities. The company’s first offering for small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers is an AI-powered digital assistant that helps automate their marketing efforts and make their business operations more efficient. We Sparkle enables a more diverse population of people to become impact investors because a portion of the software fee that business owners pay is directed to a charitable cause of their choice. In addition, We Sparkle is developing a workforce training program that employs people from underserved communities as a way to help them gain entry and experience in the tech field.

Precious Drew, PERK: The Natural Beauty Lab

A recent graduate from the College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University, Precious co-founded PERK: The Natural Beauty Lab while she was an Entrepreneur Scholar at the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship. PERK aims to be the leading provider of sustainable, upcycled skincare products, starting with a body scrub made from upcycled fair-trade coffee grounds from local coffee shops.

Nick Alm, Mossier

Nick Alm co-founded and is the Executive Director of Mossier, a social enterprise that works with Minnesota-based corporations on LGBTQ workforce issues and uses revenue and donations to fund LGBTQ-owned businesses.

Mimi Aboubaker, TUSA

Mimi is the founder and CEO of TUSA, a fintech venture focused on improving educational outcomes of socioeconomically disadvantaged students.